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Reconsidering the Mechanisms of Acute Coronary Syndrome

Shoji Haruta* Current Research in Emergency Medicine
Case Report

Fulminant Chikungunya – An Emerging Presentation

Pratik Savaj*, Nirav Gondaliya, Chandrakant Ghevariya, Frenil Munim Current Research in Emergency Medicine
Review Article

Trauma-Wise Youth: Responding to the Need Beneath the Pain

Larry K Brendtro* and Beate Kreisle Current Research in Psychology and Behavioral Science
Review Article

Antibiotic Resistance in Cattle Livestocks in the Mediterranean Area With A One Health View

Milva Pepi* and Silvano Focardi Corpus Journal of Dairy and Veterinary Science
Research Article

Photobiomodulation Associated with Beta Tricalcium Phosphate Graft to Improve Initial Bone Healing

Roberta Gava Pratti, Avacir Casanova Andrello, Dari de Oliveira Toginho Filho, Wilson Trevisan Júnior and Solange De Paula Ramos* Open Access Journal of Dental and Oral Surgery
Review Article

Review on Contribution of Diversified Food Production for Improved Human Nutrition

Endris Hussen * World Journal of Food and Nutrition

Open Access Journal of Dental and Oral Surgery

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